Based just outside Washington D.C., in the heart of the tech corridor, NextGen Marketing is your trusted partner for digital marketing. Our mission is to provide you with true marketing ROI.


What Sets Us Apart?

Client-Focused Service

We put our customers first, always. Our priority is not to sell something to you. Our main goal is to provide you with marketing solutions that will benefit your businesses.

We are not afraid to tell you something that you may not want to hear but have to hear. With that being said, you can trust our team to interact with you in the most professional and friendly manner possible.

Smart Marketing Solutions

Many industry professionals call themselves “marketers” but only provide one piece of the puzzle. For example, some agencies that say they do “marketing” but only do graphic design or logos, quick websites, or SEO. Even worse, some “marketers” just jump on the latest bandwagon.

At NextGen, we provide a complete range of marketing solutions that are driven by data and good design. We also utilize the most advanced analytic tools that are currently available for the benefit of our clients.

Personalized Approach

We speak “business.” All of our marketing is based on the foundation and goals of YOUR company. Before we even begin to think of how to market your business, we want to learn what makes it tick.


NextGen Marketing’s Founder & CEO has more than 20 years’ of marketing. She has been a contributing member to some of the finest analytical, branding, and marketing teams in high-profile companies such as GE and the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Trusted Industry Partners

The right partner can help you supercharge your marketing. We are proud to be official Constant Contact Business Solution Partners.  We are also Facebook Marketing Partners. What does this mean for you?  Our experts know what they are doing, bringing you the results you deserve.

Excellent Marketing Certifications

Our qualifications allow us to provide you with the latest in online marketing. These certifications include:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite Social Media
  • Constant Contact Business Solutions Provider (Recipient of 2016 All Star Award)

Client Feedback

Edith Graves

Edith Graves & Associates

I have worked with Pamela in a marketing capacity for over 16 years. She understands both high-level business goals and strategy as well as importance of detail-oriented and practical implementation of a marketing plan.

Tyler Whitmore

Tyler Whitmore Interiors

NextGen’s digital marketing is awesome! We definitely felt an uptick in business...just when we thought things were slowing down.